About Keo

Blub Keo is a USB powered nixie tube clock which displays the time using sequential digits which are illuminated by ionizing neon gas. The clock features 12 and 24 hour time formats, as well as date, temperature (in °C and °F), alarm, auto sleep/wake, adjustable backlight colour, display modes and is programmable via remote control. The base is precision machined from solid aluminium and the clock stands a little taller than a regular soda can.

The nixie display is meticulously hand-made, gas filled and tested by tube maker Dalibor Farny to ensure the highest quality and function. In fact, the display has been engineered and assembled with such care and precision that we will guarantee its function for 10 years!

Reading the time with a one digit display might seem unnatural, but Keo makes it a very simple and intuitive process. For example, 7:35am displays sequentially as ‘0… 7… 3… 5’.

To make it even easier, Blub Keo is powered via mini USB which means you can power it from your computer, laptop, phone charger or pretty much anything with a USB port (no chunky wall adapters needed!). Keo will also hold its time for up to 6 weeks without power.